Online Giving FAQ

Is it safe to give online?

Yes, in many ways online giving is safer than writing a check.

Are there any fees?

No fees are charged to you for online giving. The platform gives you the option to pay the fee on the church’s behalf, but it is not required.

What are the options for giving frequency?

You may choose a one-time gift or recurring gifts weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, or quarterly. To make recurring investments, you will need to create an account using an email address and password.

Can I make changes to my account once it is set up?

Yes. Simply log into your account and make the necessary changes.

Am I able to view my contribution history?

Through your account, you can view your contribution history for the current and previous year.

Will I receive contribution statements?

Yes. The church will continue to send year-end contribution statements to your address on file.

What forms of payment can I use for my gift?

The giving platform can receive contributions using ACH, debit, and credit card transactions. We recommend that credit cards be used cautiously, even in giving to the Lord’s work.
If you have other questions regarding online giving, contact us