The Cacho Martinez Family

Missions Board:
Fundamental Baptist
World-Wide Missions
Memphis, TN
Honduras Address:
Colonia:Las Vegas 14
15th Ave. / 8th St.
House #1425
San Pedro Sula, Cortes, HN

Beloved Pastors, Churches and Brothers in the faith:

Grace and peace from our God and Father and the Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. 


I give thanks to God for the fruit that He is giving us in the labor of his work.  Because we have marvelous fruit for the grace of our great God and Saviour.

We have had various professions of faith and among them, I was able to baptize my daughter Rebeca and another two sisters: Carolina and Elizabeth.  Six persons have made profession of faith by the grace of God.  1) Sandra who is seven years old in whom God has been working in her heard.  She She is bart of our bus route and is faithful.  Pray for her please.  2) Eduardo also is seven years old and also God has been working in his heart in a marvelous way, glory to God!  3) Adela has made a profession of faith.  She is approximately 30 years old with two daughters.  She is having marriage problems.  Please pray for her.  4) Junior also made a profession of faith and he is eight years old. God has been working in his heart for almost a year.  Please pray for Junior that he might grow spiritually.  5) Berenice made a profession of faith.  She is eighteen years old.  Please pray for her spiritual growth also.  Also 6) Nelson made a profession of faith.  He is approximately 23 years old.  Please also pray for his spiritual growth.7) Alejandro is 28 years old and he also made a profession of faith.  Please also pray for his spiritual growth.

A lady made a profession of faith while we were on visitation door to door.  We are expecting to soon see her in our church service.  We will be visiting her to encourage her to attend and grow in faith.  We continue to evangelize every Saturday and it is quite a blessing.  It is an encouragement and a great blessing that our Lord every Saturday allows us to evangelize with the great group that is going.  I give thanks to God!  Glory to God!!  We always sow the seed of the word of God, the gospel, knowing that God will grand the increase in his time!

We continue to work on the church building, we lack a little!  We thank God for every church, every person that has given and sustained this work and this ineffective servant.  Only for the grace of God has he made we effective in the work for his glory. We only lack half of the ceramic floor for the second story and one a/c unit for the first floor.  We have installed the ceramic for the first level.  We have purchased 80 chairs for the second floor.

Missionary Mister C by the grace of God has obtained the help of certain generous brethren and also of his own finances to help put the sheetrock, the windows and the drop ceiling, half of the ceramic, the toilets, the sinks and a sink for the kitchen.  Also he himself is putting that part of the electrical.  We are very thankful for Brother C and all that have contributed to the work of God. 

Please pray for our missions conference in September, for souls to be saved and revival of the church. Pray for Rebeca.  She has already entered her classes. Pray that God would continue to provide the funds to pay for her studies. Please continue to pray for our health.  In this work of faith, we don’t have provisions for doctors nor hospitals.   We need to be healthy to continue serving our beloved Lord.

God bless you all my brothers and sisters.  We are very appreciative for you all, for your financial help and your prayer support and your love.

With much gratitude and much love we are

Your missionaries in San Pedro Sula, Honduras

The Cachos, Yery, Waldina and Rebeca

August 25th, 2018