The Cacho Martinez Family

Missions Board:
Fundamental Baptist
World-Wide Missions
Memphis, TN
Honduras Address:
Colonia:Las Vegas 14
15th Ave. / 8th St.
House #1425
San Pedro Sula, Cortes, HN
Beloved Churches, Pastors, and Brethren in the faith, Grace and Peace to you all in the name of God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ.
It is a great honor to be able to share with you the achievements of our last months in the work of the Lord here in San Pedro Sula, Honduras.
We have several professions of faith in the church beginning with Jorge (George) of 25 years old.  Please pray for him.  He is a product of our door to door evangelism.  He had an accident and has a fractured arm but he is very encouraged.  Also, Dayana made a profession of faith.  She is 9 years old.  Also Nahomi of 7 years of age, also Walter of 7 years old and with Dani also 7 years old.  All of these children have been faithful to the Sunday School program hearing the word of God for some time now.  As soon as they were able to comprehend the gospel they made a profession of faith.
It is a blessing to look at the progress in the work of God.  Already it has been 9 years that we have been here.  We are going for 10 working in the work of the Lord here in San Pedro Sula, Honduras with you all with us in your prayers and your faithful financial support.  We are seeing the children growing and the young ones also growing.  We are seeing our teens and adults looking for their mate to marry within the faith and church of Christ.  Glory to God!!  There are some like always that don’t want to wait for the will of God but I joy with those who choose to wait doing the will of God.
I am doing as I have been taught, working systematically, placing the children according to their age with teachers who have a good testimony and capacity and a great desire to teach and serve the Lord.  We have done step by step, working and we are seeing the results.  Like always God gives the increase when we work.  Like the farmer that cleans the field, sows the seed, he can expect fruit with the blessing of the Lord as he waits.  We just can’t wait for the fruit!!
We are joyful and content that God has provided a central air conditioner unit that we had been praying for.  And more than that, we are seeing that we can also put the installation of the second level of our building, and more than that we were able to put the handrails on the stairs to the second level, on the steps in the baptismal pool.  We also were able to purchase more seats and tables for the special events of the church.  Glory to God for a Brother (he wants to remain anonymous) and his family that God has used to provide all of these things.  We give thanks to God for them and for all of you that are participants in this work of God in this part of the world called Honduras.  Many thanks!  We are finishing the building of the church.  It is 99.5% complete.  Glory to God!!!!  Again, many thanks.
We ask your prayers for the following:
  1. That we may be able to pay the tuition for our daughter Rebecca’s schooling. It comes to $673.00 including lessons in English that cost $230.00.
  2. Medical insurance for Rebecca required by the school.
  3. School supplies to begin classes required by the government.
  4. A monthly fee of $77.00
  5. We have $200.00 but lack the $473.00 required for her to begin school in August. For three years we have had friends who were able to help with all this from Cornerstone Baptist but they are not able to help this year.  So we are in a dilemma as how to pay all this.  Please pray for this need.
We continue here representing you all in the best manner possible in this work of the Lord, we are working!! Many thanks for your prayers, for your love, for your economic help. 
May our God continue to bless you all.
With much love and gratitude we remain your missionaries in San Pedro Sula, Honduras:
The Cacho Family
July 18, 2019