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Prayer Letter from Yery Cacho Martinez
Beloved Pastors, Churches, and Brethren in the Faith, Grace and Peace be with you all from God our Father and from our Lord Jesus Christ.
It is a great honor for me to be able to share with you these last events of the Cornerstone Independent Baptist Church in San Pedro Sula, Honduras.
Brethren we have people that have made professions of Faith, for the grace of God.  It has been a great blessing; we begin with Sister Heidi that is about 30 years old.  Thanks to God she has believed in our Lord Jesus Christ and has been baptized.  The sister of Sister Heidi has been listening while we shared the gospel with Heidi.  Her name is Zenia.  She is 34 years old.  She was greatly shocked by the hearing of the gospel.  We also have Charla after her, and also believed in Christ as her Personal Saviour shortly after we were able to baptize her sister Zenia.
God was working in the hearts of the children of Sister Zenia, Heini who is 12 years old and in Eliel who is nine years old.  They both believed in Christ as their Saviour.  The husband of sister Zenia , “Abel”, as soon as he heard, he told me that he was a believer and they both wanted to be baptized, so we did baptize them.  Also Lionardo who is approximately 25 years old, in one of our services, made a profession of faith and was baptized.  Also Dani was baptized.  He is nine years old and Anderson who is 10 years old was also baptized.  George who is 10 years old was also baptized.
By the grace of The Lord Jesus, I have been preaching the gospel in conferences, and in meetings in churches.  In the month of November I will be preaching in two conferences and I will be sharing a series of messages about personal evangelization in a church.  Please pray for this ministry.
We continue to go door to door sharing the gospel.  The church is very well encouraged in preaching in the streets.  Glory to God!!!
We had a missions conference and was a great blessing, we do want to continue helping missions.
We have a project in progress to establish a work about one hour and twenty minutes from us.  The place is called Santa Cruz de Yojoa.  The place has 100,000 persons and there is not a single Independent, Fundamental Baptist church there.  God is touching our hearts to go there.  Brother David is very encouraged to go and commence the work if the Lord is willing.  We hope to begin this coming year.
My wife has been sick but thanks to the Lord she is already better.  Thanks to the brethren for their help with this expense, Brother Kevin Jones, the Ross family, and Cornerstone Baptist church, in Rocky Mount, NC.  Because of their help, she is much better.
Thanks also to Cornerstone that they were able to help with the expense of signing up Rebecca for school and the necessary supplies for her education.
I give thanks to the pastors and churches who have helped faithfully.  Without that help we would not be able to continue here.  We are very appreciative for each one of you all and I am praying for you all, for each church, for each pastor and their families.
It is an honor to represent each one of you here in Honduras with the best of transparency and honesty.  We appreciate each one of you, God bless you all!
Please keep praying for us.  We need your prayers constantly.  Thanks for your economic support.  Thanks for your prayers and your love.

With much love and gratitude we are your missionaries, The Cachos

Yery, Waldina, Rebecca

November 3, 2019