The Cacho Martinez Family

Missions Board:
Fundamental Baptist
World-Wide Missions
Memphis, TN
Honduras Address:
Colonia:Las Vegas 14
15th Ave. / 8th St.
House #1425
San Pedro Sula, Cortes, HN
Beloved pastors, churches, and brethren of the faith, it is an honor for me to give you all the report of the last few months.  They have been a great blessing for us.
This past year 2019, in which 17 persons have made professions of faith, 15 of those were baptized.  Of that group 9 have remained faithful to the church.  Some of the rest of the 15 come every now and then.
We give thanks to God that this year 2020 we have begun with great blessings from the Lord already.  Two sisters in the church that have believed on Christ who were baptized but had not been faithful have come back and are now faithful attending our church, thank God for them!  Also we always are seeing folks visiting regularly from the families of our members.  We have faith in God that they will believe on Christ as their Saviour quickly.  We have over 60 visitors so far and believe no less than 5 will continue coming, glory to God for this hope!  
Whats more two young teens have made profession of faith this month of January.  One is named Franklin.  He is 12 years old, and Jonathan is 16.  Glory to God for them.  
We continue going door to door preaching the gospel. We have a group of about 24 brethren helping with this great work, glory to God!!
We have great expectations for this year.  We are officially completing 10 years of the founding of our church.  We will have an anniversary conference the 25th through 27th of February.  Please pray for this special meeting.  
Please pray also for a small portion of land to have a parking lot for the church.  Please pray also for our visa completion process.  When we go the the American Embassy we hope to finish the process without any problems.  
It has been an honor to be fellow laborers with you all in the gospel.  Thanks to our Mission Board for so many things, especially for the work of receiving our visas.  Thanks for all the Pastors, churches, and brethren who have helped us.  
We do so much appreciate you all. 
My desire is that our God would bless you greatly and provide all your needs and spiritual requirements, of health and material needs!!
With much love and gratitude we remain your missionaries in Honduras…
The Cachos
Yery, Waldina, and Rebecca
February 4, 2020